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Organize and manage all your files inside one application


Why use Dashy?

Everyone knows the problem. One searches for a file or works with several at the same time to read information or to fulfill a task. However, we spend a lot of time searching for these files and always forget where they are. Should you now create a shortcut for each file? No. Just add the files to one or more dashs and manage everything within one app. It doesn't matter if it's a picture, video, music, excel, word, code or any other file. Dashy supports all file types that your computer supports.


Using Dashy you have a lot of advantages. Here are some of them

Quick Access

With Dashy you can add your frequently used files and apps to a dash and open them with just one click.

No more searching

It doesn't matter where the file is on your computer. Add the file to a dash and save yourself the long search for that file.

Multi Language

Dashy is currently available in more than 5+ languages.